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Clue'School thing'
Separately, a Jerry Lee Lewis and Rough Trade song
Disney trilogy starring Zac Efron
Popular song from 1907 (When We Were a Couple of Kids)
Name for the US education level between elementary and high school
A shade of yellow (#FFD800) designed for a specific vehicle
1979 hit single by The Ramones on an eponymous album
Type of school where the students on campus during the school year
Alice Cooper hit single
A series of children's books and the PBS children series based on it
Clue'School thing'
Other name for Kindergarten
Jack Black movie in which he plays a music teacher
A 2008 South Park, and 2010 Simpsons spoof on the Disney trilogy
The name for state schools in the US and Australia but also for prestigious private schools in the UK
Academically-oriented secondary schools in the UK, that derive their name from their classical language origins
1986 Rodney Dangerfield movie named after a marketing event, also a common song title
Nickelodeon live action show starring Devon Werkheiser as Ned
Retro, or from back in the day
Thing that is said about someone who thinks he is superior (often lifestyle-wise) to the rest

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