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Clue'School thing'
Other name for Kindergarten
Retro, or from back in the day
1979 hit single by The Ramones on an eponymous album
A shade of yellow (#FFD800) designed for a specific vehicle
Alice Cooper hit single
Academically-oriented secondary schools in the UK, that derive their name from their classical language origins
Nickelodeon live action show starring Devon Werkheiser as Ned
1986 Rodney Dangerfield movie named after a marketing event, also a common song title
The name for state schools in the US and Australia but also for prestigious private schools in the UK
Clue'School thing'
Disney trilogy starring Zac Efron
A 2008 South Park, and 2010 Simpsons spoof on the Disney trilogy
A series of children's books and the PBS children series based on it
Popular song from 1907 (When We Were a Couple of Kids)
Name for the US education level between elementary and high school
Thing that is said about someone who thinks he is superior (often lifestyle-wise) to the rest
Separately, a Jerry Lee Lewis and Rough Trade song
Type of school where the students on campus during the school year
Jack Black movie in which he plays a music teacher

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