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Which of these countries...AnswerThis or that?
changed its flag after the 1936 Olympics?L[U]xembourg or L[I]echtenstein?
has Romansh as an official language?[L]iechtenstein or [S]witzerland?
has a city higher on the 2012 Mercer quality of living ranking?Sw[I]tzerland or Sw[E]den?
has a bigger city north of the pole circle?[S]weden or [N]orway?
has the biggest antarctic claim (degrees)?[N]orway or New [Z]ealand?
has more stars on its flag?[N]ew Zealand or [A]ustralia?
has the capital with the biggest population?Austra[L]ia or [A]ustria?
has played a World Cup (football) final more often?[A]ustria or [H]ungary?
contains the biggest part of the Danube?[H]ungary or [B]ulgaria?
has the lira as its currency?[B]ulgaria or [T]urkey?
has a province named Balkan Province?[T]urkey or Turk[M]enistan?
is more censored according to the CPJ*?[T]urkmenistan or [U]zbekistan?
has been guessed more on the Countries of the World Sporcle Quiz?[U]zbekistan or [K]yrgyzstan?
has gold as biggest export source?K[Y]rgyzstan or K[A]zakhstan?
has more shoreline on the Caspian Sea?[K]azakhstan or [A]zerbaijan?

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