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Which of these countries...AnswerThis or that?
was site to a nuclear disaster in 1986?[R]ussia or [U]kraine?
contains the city with the longest place name without spaces or hyphens?[U]kraine or U[K]?
has the capital with the highest Scrabble value name?[U]K or [I]reland?
is member of the European Free Trade Association?I[R]eland or I[C]eland?
is closer to Spitsbergen (Norway)?[I]celand or [D]enmark?
has land at a more northernly point?[D]enmark or [C]anada?
has won the Stanley Cup more often since 1915?[C]anada or [U]SA?
has a higher GDP (PPP) per capita?United [S]tates or United Arab [E]mirates?
has the first capital when sorted alphabetically?[U]AE or [Q]atar?
is a member of OPEC?[Q]atar or [E]quatorial Guinea?
lies on the equator?E[Q]uatorial Guinea or E[C]uador?
has more island territory (area)?[E]cuador or El [S]alvador?
borders the Caribbean Sea?[E]l Salvador or [B]elize?
is used by Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad) as a euphemism for dying?[B]elize or [M]exico?
was oficially recognized independent first?[M]exico or [L]uxembourg?

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