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Can you choose between the two countries given for every question?

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Which of these countries...AnswerThis or that?
has won the FIFA World Cup more often?[S]pain or [P]ortugal?
has the most populated capital (metro area)?[P]ortugal or [B]razil?
has an official language in which 'Adiós' is a greeting?[B]razil or [A]rgentina?
is the longest (North to South)?[A]rgentina or [C]hile?
contains the highest point?Chil[E] or Chin[A]?
has the highest population density?[C]hina or [I]ndia?
uses the country TLD (end of the URL) .in?[I]ndia or Ind[O]nesia?
has the biggest number of languages spoken?[I]ndonesia or [P]apua New Guinea?
has more colors on its flag?[P]apua New Guinea or [G]uinea?
is bigger (area)?Gu[I]nea or Gu[Y]ana?
borders France?[G]uyana or [S]uriname?
has more people (%) living in the Capital?[S]uriname or the [N]etherlands?
has the port that handles more cargo?The [N]etherlands or [B]elgium?
has more official languages?Bel[G]ium or Bel[A]rus?
has most people (%) adhere to the Russian or Eastern Orthodox religion?[B]elarus or [R]ussia?

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