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Can you choose between the two cities given for every question?

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Which of these cities...AnswerThis or that?
had the biggest population in 1900?[S]eattle or [W]ashington?
is capital to the country with most stars on its flag?[W]ashington or [M]onrovia?
has the biggest natural harbor in Africa?[M]onrovia or [F]reetown?
was first inhabited?Free[T]own or Fre[M]ont?
has more sister cities?[F]remont or [J]aipur?
is nicknamed the white city?[J]aipur or [U]daipur?
borders the biggest lake (surface area)?[U]daipur or [M]inneapolis?
has the bigger % of the state population?[M]inneapolis or [I]ndianapolis?
has more hotels according to[I]ndianapolis or [A]nnapolis?
was named after a British royal?Anna[P]olis or Ana[H]eim?
has the biggest Disney park (visitors)?[A]naheim or [P]aris?
has been guessed more on the Capitals of Europe quiz on Sporcle?[P]aris or [L]ondon?
lies more westernly?L[O]ndon or L[I]sbon?
had a team win the UEFA Champions League most recently?[L]isbon or [P]orto?
has a higher mean temperature in July?[P]orto or Porto [A]legre?

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