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Backwards plotTelevision show
A man finds complicated ways to get people very sick whilst throwing up Vicodin.
A famous rapper steals audio equipment from cars, trashes them and then gives them back.
Bauer races against the clock to gradually leave terrorists alone.
People are stranded on an island and ultimately violently contruct a plane to escape with.
People get divorced, then a group of 6 grows apart in 10 years and eventually stops hanging out.
Lifeguards drown people, then run away very slowly.
A jury puts together an increasingly bigger and less talented group of singers.
A galactic delivery boy is frozen and sent back in time, so he is forced to deliver pizza's.
An undercover Islamic terrorist gets into captivity with other terrorists, then gets released to fight with the US army.
Will Smith is so annoying that his uncle sends him back to his mom.
Backwards plotTelevision show
Two guys in a Ferrari distribute drugs in the 80s.
A crew injures people and sends them to a battle field.
A group of builders hire a bus driver to block the vision on a house, so they can then ruin it anonymously.
An analyst with the police loves to resurrect people with a knife and stalk them afterwards.
A man avenges all the people he ever did good things to, and is rewarded by finding a lottery ticket which he brings back to the store.
A dad is telling his kids in great detail about how he's going to stop seeing their mother
A writer gets new inspiration from moving to Los Angeles, sobering up and getting more involved with his family.
A small group of people takes a lot of effort in getting into jail.
A drug cook is able to cure his cancer and because of his economical situation, he starts teaching chemistry at a school.
A guy takes all kinds of handy contraptions apart, which brings him in all kinds of trouble.

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