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The term rock band would detract from a band (1965-1995) that combined many genres and was known for their on-stage improvisation.
This Jerseyite band is known for their American Slang.
Both Johnny Thunders and Tom Petty had a bend with this name.
Maybe the solo career of leadsinger Belinda Carlisle (as Dottie Danger) is better known than the group performance.
This funk band consisted out 3 Wilson Brothers. It's not the Beach Boys, this band had hits like 'Early in the Morning' and 'Outstanding'.
Maybe the solo career of leadsinger Belinda Carlisle (Heaven is a place on Earth) is better known than the the group performance.
The biggest hit for this Swedish garage rock band so far was 'Hate to Say I Told you So' but their latest hit 'Go right Ahead' seems to be up and coming.
The biggest hit from this English band was about a waitress in a cocktail bar.
Guess who I'm talking about if I say that Randy Bachman (from the Turner Overdrive) was a member of this band.
The biggest hit of this Buffalo band doesn't contain its title in the lyrics ('When everything's meant to be broken/I just want you to know who I am')
This band, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, was part of the British invasion. This band is lesser known but had many hits (like 'The Air that I Breathe')
This famous big band was formed by, and named after a jazz musician who went missing in action in WOII (December 1944). The band still exists though.
Thair biggest hit, 'How You Like Me Now' got famous by a KIA commercial, Driver San Francisco and the movie the Fighter
This band is famous despite nobody knowing what they look like: their animated clips feature a virtual band in a fictional world.

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