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Can you name the countries, given a symbol on their flag?

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The temple of Angkor WatAsia
A broken tridentNorth America
A dragonAsia
A traditional Sotho hatAfrica
A cotton treeAfrica
Two men and a treeNorth America
A lion with a swordAsia
A cog wheel and a swordAfrica
A condorSouth America
A maple leafNorth America
A crownEurope
Two rifles and two swordsNorth America
Two keys to heavenEurope
A map of the countryEurope
A MosqueAsia
The star of DavidAsia
A parrotNorth America
Three towers with plumesEurope
A cedar treeAsia
A bird of paradiseOceania
A Maasai shield and two spearsAfrica
A sword and Arabic signsAsia
A two-headed eagleEurope
A craneAfrica
Takbir (Allah Akbar in Kurdic)Asia

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