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Can you name the movie-related things, given their first 5 Wikipedia links?

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Humphrey Bogart; Frank Sinatra; Dean Martin; Sammy Davis, Jr.; Peter Lawford
thriller film; David Fincher; Steven Zaillian; Swedish; novel of the same name
Ian Fleming; James Bond; CIA; Pinkerton Detective Agency; Casino Royale
Italian; film director; producer; screenwriter; Spaghetti Western
cinematic; Hollywood; crime dramas; low-key; black-and-white
baptized; sex symbol; foster; The Asphalt Jungle; All About Eve
biographical; war film; Roman Polanski; Adrien Brody; adaptation
novel; Windston Groom; film of the same name; Robert Zemeckis; Tom Hanks
epic; war film; Vietnam War; Francis Ford Coppola; US Army
romantic comedy; Pretty Woman; Golden Globe Awards; Steel Magnolias; Academy Award for Best Actress
Blood Simple; Fargo; The Big Lebowski; O Brother, Where Art Thou?; No Country for Old Men
epic film; trilogy; fantasy; adventure films; three-volume book
First 5 linksAnswer
KBE; comic actor; silent film; mime; slapstick
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; film industry; Grammy Awards; Emmy Awards; Tony Awards
Hindi; film industry; Mumbai; Bombay; Maharashtra
Web site; films; review aggregator; cliché; tomatoes
computer animation; film studio; Emeryville, California; Academy Awards; Golden Globes
major American film studios; Century City; Los Angeles; Beverly Hills; Rupert Murdoch
tickets; admission; countertop; wicket; film industry
Harry Potter; J. K. Rowling; boarding school; magic; witches
independent; nonlinear storylines; aesthetization of violence; Reservoir Dogs; Pulp Fiction
epic; science fiction; James Cameron; Sam Worthington; Zoe Saldana
fictional character; Star Wars; universe; Billy Dee Williams; Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
American; crime film; Martin Scorsese; film adaption; Wiseguy

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