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Albert ________ called. He wants his brain back.
_______: an amount, standard, or rate regarded as usual or ordinary.
Buck up little _______. We are sure you can do better next time.
Don't tell anyone, but we heard all your _______ refer to you as 'the smart one'.
Everything's coming up ________.
Failure is the condiment that gives _______ its flavor.
Ferris Bueller you're my ____.
_______, we expected more from you. Step it up!
Great job! Have you considered having your own _____ music?
Have a free fist bump for being so _______.
I bet you fill out the crossword puzzles in ___.
If your score was a color, it would be _____.
I'm pretty sure I saw you on ________ once.
Maybe you should wait to take quizzes until after your morning ______.
Nailed it! Take a victory ___.
Nice work - Check out the big brain on _____.
Someone's firing on all _________!
That was some high quality middle-of-the-____ work right there.
That was the kind of performance they play _____ songs for.
That's the kind of performance that used to earn you silver _____.
The _____ is strong with this one...
This is not ____. A low score is not something you're shooting for.
You are in the sweet spot between awesome and kinda ________.
You came in like a wrecking ball and _________ that quiz!
You have a _______ intellect in a world full of icebergs.
You know _______, Jon Snow.
You're so _____ and you don't even know it.
You're the kind of person my mother hoped I would ____.
Zombies are looking for ______. Don't worry. You're safe.

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