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Can you name the missing words from these summer things?

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Summer in the ____ (The Lovin' Spoonful, 1966) 
________, Last Summer (The Motels, 1983) 
The ____ of Summer (Don Henley, 1984) 
Summer of ___ (Bryan Adams, 1985) 
The Summer is _____ (Playahitty, 1994) 
_____ Summer (Ace of Base, 1998) 
Summer ___ (The Underdog Project, 2000) 
All Summer ____ (Kid Rock, 2008) 
____ Summers (Guitarist, The Police) 
_____ Summers (Vampire Slayer*, Scooby Gang) 
_______ Sumner (Politician, Radical Republicans) 
_____ Summer (Singer, MacArthur Park) 
Summer ____ (Actress, Terminator) 
____ Summers (Actress, The Andy Griffith Show) 
Summer _______ (Student*, The O.C.) 
Gordon '_____' Sumner (Singer, The Police) 
How I Spent my Summer ________ (Robert Wagner, 1967) 
I Know What you ___ Last Summer (Jennifer Love Hewitt, 1997) 
Summer _____ (Jessica Biel, 2001) 
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and ______ (Ki-Duk Kim, 2003) 
(___) Days of Summer (Zooey Deschanel, 2009) 
The _____ of Summer (Nick Robinson, 2013) 
Summer in ________ (Dominic Cooper, 2013) 
Summer _______ games (Event, every 4 years) 
Summer ________ (Astronomical date, June or December) 
______ summer (Meteorological occurance, autumn) 
Summer ______ (Education facility, during summer vacation) 
Summer____ (Wrestling event, August) 
A Midsummer Night's _____ (Play, William Shakespeare) 
The summer of ____ (Social phenomenon, 1967) 

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