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Can you name the history-related things, given the first 5 links of their Wikipedia article?

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Marxist-Leninist; Democratic Republic of Vietnam; People's Army of Vietnam; Viet Cong; Vietnam War
divine; Josephus; kingdom of Israel and Judah; hierarchy; state religion
direct action; Sons of Liberty; Boston; colony of Massachusetts; British government
supercontinent; Paleozoic; Mesozoic; continents; Panthalassa
Argentine; Marxist; revolutionary; intellectual; guerilla
Count of Vidigueira; Portuguese; explorer; Age of Discovery; Europe
geologic period and system; Mya; Triassic; Cretaceous; Mesozoic
39th; Richard Nixon; 55th; Governor of Maryland; Greek American
first; President of the Russian Federation; Mikhail Gorbachev; perestroika; Russian Supreme Soviet
Low Countries; English Catholics; Gunpowder Plot; York; recusant
Dutch colonial; New Netherland; New York City; Fort Amsterdam; Manhattan Island
Greek; philosopher; polymath; Plato; Alexander the Great
First 5 linksAnswer
Mesoamerican; civilization; written language; pre-Columbian; art
capital; Eastern Roman Empire; Latin; Ottoman Empires; Byzantium
Central Africa; Rwanda; Burundi; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Tutsi
cultural movement; Late Middle Ages; classical; Petrarch; perspective
largest contiguous land empire; Central Asian; Eastern Europe; Sea of Japan; Siberia
China; Mandarin; Kuomintang; Sun Yat-sen; commandant
traces; rock; sedimentary; strata; geological time
King of the Franks; Emperor of the Romans; Frankish; empire; Western
pyramids; Giza ecropolis; Egypt; Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; Egyptologists
Axis Powers; Second World War; France; Poland; United Kingdom
species; hominid; Pliocene epoch; Pleistocene; Africa
Roman Emperor; Julio-Claudian Dynasty; Germanicus; adopted; Tiberius

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