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Grouping of items that might be checked twice
Make something increase in height
Christmas revenue for nice kids
Core idea, like 'caring' could be for Christmas
Hand ready for punching
Generic animal name, e.g. sun-, moon-, or star-
Desire (for presents or otherwise)
Description of the three Eastern men bearing presents
Cord used for transmitting electricity
Shop contents
Bedroom, to hospitalized people
Mail item, often celebratory or supportive
2006 computer animated movie by Pixar
Mama Elliot from The Mamas and the Papas
Religious gathering to worship or commemorate
Pole used for sailing
Milkshake, or beer ingredient
Place to go for Christmas shopping
Spherical toy, tree ornament, or formal party
Music instrument to be found in church towers and trees
Clothing item that might be loosened after Christmas dinner
To hit, punch or conquer
Chair, stool, sofa or couch
Immediately, especially in hospitals
Plasmic space object or famous actor
To turn something into coal
Discomfort or anxiety
Extraordinary accomplishment
Brothership on colleges and universities (abbrev.)
To worry about the neck of a guitar
Without charge, like a present
Outdoors flora (except for during Christmas)
Very in French or three in Spanish
Valuable mining goods
Is in debt, has an unevened score
Main voice actor of Rung 13, ____ Wilson
Sign of things to come. Rung 25 was one to the Magi.
Arabian country and important frankincense exporter
Marvel hero Nate Grey, part of nearly eponymous group
Common Bond, informal abbreviation

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