Word Ladder: Bruce Springsteen

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Can you name the answers to this Bruce Springsteen-themed word ladder?

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★Where one resides, Bruce Springsteen song with rung 5★1
Lots of reading material2
★Cruise and Joad★3
Pulls away4
★Where one resides, Bruce Springsteen song with rung 1★5
★In the USA or to run, perhaps★7
Farm building8
Curse word apropriate for a family site like Sporcle9
★Place where Bruce dances★10
Tree skin11
Place to store, borrow or steal money12
★Musical group, like E Street★13
★Where one resides, as in Bad____s★14
Last name of Supermans love interest15
★Bruces tunnel★17
Not being able to win or retrieve something18
American audio equipment producer19
★Common bond★20

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