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QuoteMissing wordSaid by (and to)
Alright. I've got the talking ______ now. Okay?Walter White, to his family.
Cook whatever you like. As long as it's that ridiculous _________ or some other dreck.Walter, to Jesse Pinkman.
Congratulations, you've just left your family a second-hand ______.Saul Goodman, to Walter.
___________ had responsibilities...Badger, to Jesse.
Did you say anything stupid, and with anything stupid I mean anything ______?Saul, to Badger.
Duke City _______? Come on! Can you at least be original?Badger, to an undercover cop.
________ me, b*tch!Jesse, to Walter.
Have her drive you to the hospital. (pause) She's gonna need her ____.Mike Ehrmantrout, to a Chinese man.
Have you given any thought to sending him on a trip to ______?Saul, to Walter about Hank Schrader.
He'll be scrubbing toilets in _______ for pennies. That's what happens next.Jesse, to Walter about Hank.
________ rained down on my house, where my children sleep!Walter, to a police officer.
Hey mommie, would you zip up my _______ pants?A bully, to Walter White Jr.
I don't want a ______. I want you.Walter, to Jesse.
I was the guy who was selling meth... _________.Badger, to Saul.
I would ask my ______wearing granny, but her wheel chair wouldn't fit in the RV!Jesse, to Walter.
If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread _______.Walter, to Hank.
QuoteMissing wordSaid by (and to)
I'm a blowfish! ___________ this up.Jesse, to Walter.
I'm not in ______, Skyler. I AM the ______.Walter, to Skyler White.
It's just... You've got _______ on your... Right there...Walter, to his doctor.
____, scumbag. It's the universal symbol for ____.Mike, to Walter.
La _______ es todo.Don Salamanca, a Marco y Leonel.
Now _____ me and shake my hand.Gustavo Fring, to Walter.
Only shooting that you do is in a _______.Hank, to Jesse.
Rocky called, he wants his ____ back.Saul, to Jesse.
That was before my housing situation went completely __________ on me, okay?Jesse, to Walter.
The universal language: ______Walter, to some cleaning ladies.
There are two kinds of heist. Those where the guys get away with it and those that leave _________.Mike, to Walter, Jesse and Lydia.
This is my own private domicile, and I will not be harassed... _____!Jesse, to Hank.
What's wrong with you? And why are you ____?Walter, to Jesse.
You brought a ________ to the airport?Walter, to Jesse.
You're buying the wrong _______.Walter, to a tweeker.
You're nothing to me but _________.Jesse, to his N.A. group.

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