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A diversion like a Sporcle quiz, e.g.
Unable to walk normally, which isn't funny
Small road or part of a bigger road
What French people might see in the night sky
Mammal's replacement for a gill
With much distance between the furthest points
Sound made by a large, heavy bell
Sean Connery or David Niven, e.g.
In thicker print than the rest of a text
Olympians target, aside from competing
Correct, well-behaved or beneficial
State of mind, might be the previous rung
English translation of rung 4
Blessing or privilege
Italy-shaped footwear
Ink stain, sometimes used for tests
What the big bad wolf might do
Eye-protecting facial hair
Black murderous bird
Crop, as an animal body part
Right Next Door singer Robert ____
Form of soil finer than silt
Defeat with great force
Make a female infertile
Have a training fight in boxing
Famous celestial object
Medical variant of 'immediately'
Thin strip of wood
Without elevation whatsoever
Judicial order or Italian car maker
Hand ready for boxing
Common bond, Marillion frontman

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