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Whats is the name of Mommytards Youtube Channel?
What Nickname is given to Shays Eldest Daughter?
Which State do the Shaytards Live in?
What is Shays younger Brothers name?
What is Shays Sisters name?
What does Shay want to call his new baby?
What type of dog is Malachi?
Sontard was mad to pick up Malachi waste for 10 days, what did he get in return?
SonTard plays which sport?
What is Shays Favourite word?
What Radio Station did Shay work for?
If Shay ever got a horse, what would he call it?
Who Gave Sontard a WWE Action Figure for his Birthday
What Movie Character did Shay Dress up as in his last day of his 20's?
Shays got a Warrant for drving in the State of ________?
Where did Shay go to watch a Baseball Game?
Where did Shay move to where he started working with other youtubers at TheStation?
What Nickname is given to Shays Youngest Daughter?

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