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Word MorphSolutionMorphed Outcome
European CAPITAL (4): swap R for LWest African CAPITAL (4)
N. African COUNTRY (5): swap B for T and scrambleEuropean COUNTRY (5)
S. American CAPITAL (4): scrambleWest African COUNTRY (4)
S. American CAPITAL (6): remove B and A then reverseWest African COUNTRY (4)
Oceanian CAPITAL (5): add EV then scrambleWest Asian CAPITAL (7)
Central American COUNTRY (6): swap P for MMiddle Eastern CAPITAL (6)
N. American CAPITAL (10): swap ASH for ELLOceanian CAPITAL (10)
Oceanian COUNTRY (5): swap U for Z then scrambleS. American CAPITAL (2,3)
Middle Eastern COUNTRY (5): swap S for DH then scrambleMiddle Eastern CAPITAL (6)
Oceanian CAPITAL (4): add R and scrambleAfrican CAPITAL (5)
Asian CAPITAL (5): remove L and scrambleWest Asian CAPITAL (4)
W. African COUNTRY (6) plus W. African CAPITAL (6)African COUNTRY (6-6)
European CAPITAL (4): swap O for A and scrambleAsian COUNTRY (4)
Word MorphSolutionMorphed Outcome
W. African CAPITAL (5): remove A and reverseAfrican CAPITAL (4)
N. American CAPITAL (8): add WN. American CAPITAL (9)
African CAPITAL (11): remove ZAV and LES. American COUNTRY (6)
African COUNTRY (7): swap S for C and scrambleNorth African COUNTRY (7)
Southern African COUNTRY (9): swap A for TER then scrambleEuropean COUNTRY (11)
Middle Eastern COUNTRY (5): swap E for AI then scrambleAfrican CAPITAL (6)
West African CAPITAL (8): remove V and A then scrambleAfrican CAPITAL (6)
S. American CAPITAL (7): remove AS and scrambleAfrican CAPITAL (6)
European CAPITAL (7): swap I for UN and scrambleS. American CAPITAL (8)
European COUNTRY (7): remove AT and scrambleN. African CAPITAL (5)
Middle Eastern COUNTRY (5): swap AT for I then scrambleMiddle Eastern COUNTRY (4)
Middle Eastern COUNTRY (4): add CO and scrambleEuropean COUNTRY (6)
N. American COUNTRY (5) plus Eastern European COUNTRY (6): remove I and PO then scrambleAsian COUNTRY (8)

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