Shakespearean Plays By Characters

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Can you name the Shakesperian plays by characters given?

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CharactersShakespearean Play
Henry IV, Prince Henry (of Wales, known as 'Hal'), Prince John (of Lancaster)
Duncan, Malcolm, Donalblain, Banquo, Macbeth, Macduff, Lady Macbeth
Rosaline (Ganymede), Duke Frederick, Celia
Bertram, Parolles, Lord Lafeu, Helena, Diana
Antony, Octavius Caesar, Lepidus, Cleopatra, Enobarbus, Pompey, Eros, Agrippa, Dolabella
King Henry VI, Queen Margaret, Edward, Earl, Richard
Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, Hamlet, Ophelia, Laertesseeks
Prince Henry (King Henry V)
CharactersShakespearean Play
Theseus, Hippolyta, Hermia, Helena, Lsysander, Demetrius, Puck
Caius Marcius (Coriolanus), Volumnia, Virgilia, Valeria
Romeo, Juliet, You've probably already guessed.
Prospero, Antonio, Miranda
Cymbeline, Imogen, Guiderius, Arivaragus, Balarius
Sir John Falstaff, Fenton, Anne Page, Shallow, Slender, Mistress Ford, Frank Ford, SIr Hugh Evans, Doctor Caius
Antipholus ot Ephasis, Adriana, Antipholus of Syracuse, Egon, Emilia

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