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Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: Enemy of 'Eh, _____!'
Strong Bad's second, less crappy computer
'Don'tcha like me?'
Sidekick of comic book version of Strong Bad
Nerdy Cheat Commandos Character
'Rock on, Rock on, Cheat Commandos!'
Failed attempt at drawing a dragon.
A common meeting point; referred to as a character.
Successful Strong Bad alternate animal (cute)
Strong Bad's third, affectionate computer
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: Unintelligible main character
'I've got more than 2 problems...'
'Now I'll do a dance!'
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: Enemy of main, not understandable main character
Antagonist, Old-Timey style.
'I wanna be the guy, too!'
'Uh-oh, I'm having a little trouble!'
Always announcing
Rejected second girl character (in Dancin' Bubs Game)
Strong Bad's most recent computer
Holds a 'legitimate' business.
Gunhaver voice
Hmm... rumble? (Old-Timey Exclusive communist)
Strong Bad's first and crappiest computer
Unpopular and poor! (Teen Girl)
'Holy crap!'
Cheat Commando with Australian Accent
'You're out!'
Brains and Beauty! (Teen Girl)
Leader of the Teen Girl Squad
Comic book version of Strong Bad
'Sever your leg please, sir.'
The prince of plain and master of mundane!
Main Character of Peasant's Quest
The best Pom.
'I can make it on my own!'
AaAaAaAaAaA, I'm the human wedgie!
Rejected nerdy character (in Dancin' Bubs Game)
A dancing, creepy green character created by Homestar during a Halloween story.
Group of the Cheats - military
He's a good guy, he just has a crappy job.
First, make an 's'. Then, make a more different 's'.
No probalo, Bethany!
Nobody likes his style!
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: Alternate Strong Bad
The only girl.
Group of nerdy boys (Teen Girl Squad)
Everybody loves him. He's a terrific athlete.
Preeeeow 2.0 (a failure, in Strong Bad's mind)
No hygiene, but that doesn't stop her from getting boys! (Teen Girl)
Sweet Cuppin' Cakes: 'Eh, _____!'
Preeeeow 3.0 (distorted)
A member of Strong Badia who always scares The Cheat.
'Each day we die a little more.'
Part anvil, part slice of cheese.
Enemy of the Cheat Commandos (group)
'Yeah, shut up kids!'

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