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Can you name the character by their last line in 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone'?

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Last LineCharacter
Still famous.
The planets have been read wrongly before now, even by centaurs. I hope this is one of those times.
Sent owls off ter all yer parents' old school friends, askin' for photos... Knew yeh didn' have any... D'yeh like it?
Hurry up, boy, we haven't got all day.
Be warned, Potter - any more night-time wanderings and I will personally make sure you are expelled. Good day to you.
Hope your business goes well, Baron, I'll not bother you.
Go on then, try and hit me! I'm ready!
My brother, you know! My youngest brother! Got past McGonagall's giant chess set!
You've had nearly fifteen minutes, now OUT.
Last LineCharacter
You must be Harry's family!
I'm going to have a lot of fun with Dudley this summer...
Hope you have - er - a good holiday.
Harry Potter! Look, Mum! I can see -
Yes, Weasley, from my own house!
Which means we need a little change of decoration.
Resign? What good'll that do? How are we going to get any points back if we can't win at Quidditch?
I'll be back at dawn for what's left of them.

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