Word Ladder: Romney's Mate

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Can you name the four-letter words to complete this election-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ First name of Republican presidential candidate ★ 1
First name of actor Damon2
A unit of power3
A long stick, often magical5
A granular substance; a type of paper6
The royal family of Saudi Arabia7
The first king of Israel8
★ With [Rung 28] the running mate of [Rung 1] ★ 9
A shroud10
To descend rapidly11
To cut down12
A cloth found on poker tables13
A great accomplishment14
A feeling of impending danger15
Anterled animal17
Clue4-Letter Word
To change direction18
★ What [Rung 9]+[Rung 28] is running for (abbr.) ★ 19
Far beneath the surface20
'First names' of White House Press Secretary Myers21
★ What [Rung 1] is running for (abbr.) ★ 23
Greek god of war24
Affirmative votes25
Wheatlike plants used to make cereal and barley26
Scott Van Pelt Show cohost Rusillo27
★ With [Rung 9] the running mate of [Rung 1] ★ 28
A blue-green color29
Family; group30
Vigorous spirit or enthusiasm31
First name of actress Rachel Wood32
Appraisal (abbr.)33
★ Office that [Rung 1] hopes to occupy ★ 34

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