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Can you name the four letter words in this literature-themed word ladder?

Updated Aug 27, 2012

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Clue4-Letter Word
✍ With [Rung 41], a novel by Charlotte Brontë ✍1
One from Copenhagen2
To eat3
A dent4
✍ With [Rung 31], a play by William Shakespeare ✍5
Second word of a 1933 movie about a giant gorilla6
Ugandan war criminal or the movement to capture him7
Live Broadway theater award8
First name of country music star Keith9
✍ With [Rung 21], a novel by Herman Melville ✍10
Large crowds of people11
Cleaning objects used for wiping floors12
Police Officers13
Pigeon calls14
To prepare food15
To view16
A clump of hair17
To stroke with the tongue18
Parasitic insects often found on the skin of mammals19
Gambling cubes20
✍ With [Rung 10], a novel by Herman Melville ✍21
Clue4-Letter Word
Very serious23
To employ24
Not there25
First name of former NFL coach Edwards26
A period of time27
A group of people with a common goal28
500 sheets of paper29
✍ With [Rung 5], a play by William Shakespeare ✍31
Element with atomic number 8232
It sits atop the neck33
A group of livestock34
Five of these make up a hand in poker36
To show concern37
To heal38
A decoy for catching animals, often used in fishing39
A stringed instrument often used in ancient Greece40
✍ With [Rung 1], a novel by Charlotte Brontë ✍41

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