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Can you name the titles of these movie versions of plays by Shakespeare, based on the actors’ other roles?

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Plot event as we saw itTitleCasting information
Caesar Flickerman makes Batman fall in love with Ally McBeal.
The Doctor suspects Professor Charles Xavier of poisoning Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
Michael Corleone demands a pound of Scar’s flesh.
Lord Voldemort fights first against King Leonidas, then for him.
Dolores Umbridge and Mahatma Gandhi play a nasty prank on King George III.
Beetlejuice uncovers a plot by Malcolm X’s resentful brother, Neo.
Sally Fergus encourages Charles Foster Kane to be more ambitious.
Queen Elizabeth II shipwrecks several people, including Nightcrawler.
Angela Chase is secretly married to Howard Hughes.
Captain Mal Reynolds arrests two miscreants and brings them to Agent Phil Coulson.
Victor Frankenstein goads Morpheus into a jealous rage.
Gandalf murders most of Professor McGonagall’s descendants.
Gilderoy Lockhart asks Moses to put on a play in order to discomfit Brother Cadfael.
Garfield gives Sabretooth some fatherly advice.
Gwen Stacy dresses up as a boy and goes into the forest, accompanied by Dr. Octopus.
Mad Max kills Bilbo Baggins in Cruella de Vil’s bedroom.

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