The NFL Connections Game

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Can you name the connections between these NFL players/teams?

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How to Play
The starting RB for the Colts
The 6'2' pro WR who played with [above] in college
The head coach of [above]'s current team
The #1 WR on the team [above] helped coach in '07 and '08
The player who beat [above] out for the Heisman Trophy his senior year
The college [above] attended
The best RB to come out of [above] in recent memory
[Above]'s quarterback in 2009
The team that drafted [above]
The #2 WR on [above]
The state in which [above] attended college
The team in [above] with the better record in 2009
The only pro-bowler on [above]
[Above]'s name at birth
The highest-rushing RB with the same last name as [above]
The NFL cornerback with the closest 40-time to [above]This refers to closest OFFICIAL 40 time.
Team who drafted [above]Which team's owner loves fast players?
Record of [above] in 2009
Team with the same record and time zone as [above] in 2009
Other team with the same record
Coach/President that has been affiliated with both above teams in the past 3 years
The first team [above] coached
#1 RB for [above]
Seattle Seahawks TE who went to same school as [above]Good spot to start backtracking if you're in trouble
Other starting Seahawks player at same school
[Above]'s brother
The only player to outrush [above] in 2009 not already mentioned in this quiz
The college of [above]
The WR who played opposite [#13's answer] at [above]
The player [above] tied with for most receptions in '07
[Above]'s quarterback
[Above]'s super sexy wife
See? All things point back to the hotness of [above]! Say 'Yes' if you agree!

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