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DateBattleWinning Commander [Nationality]
396 BCRome
390 BCGaul
321 BCG. Pontius [Samnium]
280 BCPyrrhus of Epirus [Greece]
279 BCPyrrhus of Epirus [Greece]
260 BCG. Duillius [Rome]
256 BCM. Atilius Regulus
255 BCXanthippus [Greece]
242 BCRome
224 BCG. Atilius Regulus
218 BCHannibal Barca [Carthage]
218 BCHannibal Barca [Carthage]
217 BCHannibal Barca [Carthage]
216 BCHannibal Barca [Carthage]
207 BCG. Claudius Nero [Rome]
202 BCP. Scipio Africanus [Rome]
197 BCT. Quinctius Flaminius [Rome]
DateBattleWinning Commander [Nationality]
190 BCL. Cornelius Scipio [Rome]
168 BCL. Paullus Macedonicus [Rome]
146 BCScipio Africanus Minor [Rome]
105 BCCimbri
102 BCGaius Marius [Rome]
101 BCGaius Marius [Rome]
82 BCL. Cornelius Sulla [Rome]
72 BCSpartacus [Slave Rebel]
71 BCSpartacus [Slave Rebel]
71 BCM. Licinius Crassus [Rome]
69 BCL. Licinius Lucullus [Rome]
68 BCL. Licinius Lucullus [Rome]
58 BCG. Julius Caesar [Rome]
53 BCSurena [Parthia]
52 BCG. Julius Caesar [Rome]
48 BCGn. Pompeius Magnus [Rome]
48 BCG. Julius Caesar [Rome]
DateBattleWinning Commander [Nationality]
47 BCG. Julius Caesar [Rome]
46 BCG. Julius Caesar [Rome]
45 BCG. Julius Caesar [Rome]
42 BCM. Antonius, Octavian [Rome]
31 BCOctavian [Rome]
9 ADArminius [Germans]
60 ADBoudicca [Britons]
61 ADSuetonius Paulus [Rome]
62 ADEleazar ben Simon [Rebel]
84 ADGn. Julius Agricola [Rome]
106 ADTrajan [Rome]
312 ADConstantine I [Rome]
378 ADFritigern [Thervings]
410 ADAlaric [Visigoths]
451 ADFlavius Aetius, Theodoric I [Rome, Goths]

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