Roman History (Scarre): Chapter 2

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Can you name the aspects of Roman History listed in Chris Scarre's 'Penguin Historic Atlas of Ancient Rome' (pg 13-15?

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First Etruscan King in Rome was...Ascended in 616 BC
Last Etruscan King in Rome was...Expelled in 510 BC
'The Rape of ______'-
Perpetrator in (#3) was ...Son of Tarquinius Superbus
Last King of Rome driven out a rebellion lead by ...Lead a group of Roman Aristocrats
Power in Rome fell to the hands of the _____ after expulsion of the last king of romeThe assembly of leading citizens
New form of government lead by 2 _______Held annual terms
This form of government was called the...-
He defended the bridge on the Tiber to save RomeAs written by Livy
The last king of Rome sought help from _____ after his expulsion-
Latin states threw of the Etruscan yoke at the battle of ...506 BC
The leading families of Rome commanded the support of large numbers of ....-
AKA 'The leading citizens'-
AKA 'The rest of the population'-
Gave rights to 'the rest of the population'-
These revolutionary laws (#15) gave _____ to protect the rights of the (See #14)-
Rights to hold office given to (#14) in ____th century BC-
By ___th century BC, Rome was an important power-
Earliest enemies of Rome, to the east-
HintAnswerExtra Information
Earliest enemies of Rome, to the south-
Rome pushed its frontiers by establishing ______-
First military success: Rome conquers the city of ____ After a 10 year siege, ended in 396 BC
Rome sacked in 390 BC by ______-
Raids launched into Etruria by (#23)BC
Romans defeated by (#23) at the battle of the .... -
Citadel on the ________ hill held out, but was captured-
Came into conflict with the _________ of souther Italyin 343
First (#27) WarBC
Second (#27) War lasted from ... BC
Third (#27) War lasted from ...BC, Extended Roman power from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea
These wars attracted the attention of the ________ in southern Italy-
(#31) called help from ________King of Epirus
Arrived in Tarentum in _______ BC-
(#32) Brought in ________, something the Romans had never seen before-
First battle the Romans lost to (#32)-
Second battle the Romans lost to (#32)-
Romans defeat (#32) in ______ BC-
Tarentum fell to the Romans in _______ BC-

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