Vowel-less Broadway Musicals

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Can you name the Broadway musicals that are missing their vowels?

Updated Jul 12, 2013

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Vowel-less TitleFull Title
Chtt Chtt Bng Bng
Sprng wknng
Th Phntm f th pr
Ctch M f Cn
B B Brd!
Th Bk f Mrmn
nc pn Mttrss
Svn Brds Fr Svn Brthrs
Th Fll Mnt
Th Prdcrs
Bt nd th Bst
Th Clr Prpl
Vowel-less TitleFull Title
Bg Rvr
Prg nd Bss
Nxt t Nrml
Fddlr n th Rf
Dmn nks
Jss Chrst Sprstr
Jkll nd Hd
Th Msc Mn
Thrghl Mdrn Mll
Th ddms Fml

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