Word Ladder: Seventh Heaven

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Can you name the seven-letter rungs in this word ladder?

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ClueSeven-Letter Rung
Surfer's selection OR
Carrying case for a pistol: _____ [Last Rung]
Space around an altar
Intense; fraught with emotion
Formal greeting: ''_____, I'm sure.''
A picturesque home, as described in a real estate ad
Colony's document, similar to a constitution
ClueSeven-Letter Rung
More virtuous
Coffee table protector
Biked without using the pedals
Tooted one's own horn
Increased or raised up, such as one's metabolism
Word after ''rocket'' or before ''seat'' or ''shot''
Support or reinforce
Cell phone accessory OR
Carrying case for a pistol: [First Rung] _____

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