Anagram Ladder 2

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Can you name the rungs in this word ladder/anagram hybrid game (see instructions below)?

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Clue4-Letter RungTo Get This Word from the Above Word
Captain's first aideAnagram
Lion's locksWord Ladder
Just plain nasty, or just plain averageAnagram
Like Jack Sprat's dietWord Ladder
''_____ Almighty,'' 2007 movieWord Ladder
Wind indicatorAnagram
An urnWord Ladder
Word processor commandAnagram
''_____ of the Century,'' game showWord Ladder
Pub ordersAnagram
European peaksWord Ladder
High-five soundAnagram
Overcome frictionWord Ladder
They may be sealedAnagram
They ''don't lie''Word Ladder
Send outAnagram
''Little _____ of Horrors,''
Broadway musical
Word Ladder
Clue4-Letter RungTo Get This Word from the Above Word
One of the Spice GirlsAnagram
Hitching placeWord Ladder
Dick and Jane's dogAnagram
Vending machine's openingWord Ladder
In need of a GPS, perhapsAnagram
How much to payWord Ladder
Trig ratios (abbr.)Anagram
Andrew Lloyd Webber musicalWord Ladder
Word to follow PRICE or BRAINWord Ladder
Some soda containersAnagram
Candy shapeWord Ladder
Face defacerAnagram
Thomas _____,
''Rule, Britannia!'' composer
Word Ladder
Rip apartWord Ladder
Scale buttonAnagram
Housebroken, as a petWord Ladder

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