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Can you name the alphabetically-listed words that contain the letters 'UB' consecutively?

Updated Jan 30, 2015

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ClueUB Word
Reddish-brown color
Washroom fixture
Rosy-cheeked, winged angel
Tool used by either a golfer or caveman
Four-letter island nation
Genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London
Substance in ''The Absent-Minded Professor''
Excessive pride which usually results in a tragic downfall
To keep warm before hatching
Someone unfamiliar with the sea, to a sailor
Put into print
Hot corned beef sandwich with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut on rye
Nonsense; baloney
Precious stone
Surgeon's outfit
Yard plant; what the Knights who say ''Ni!'' wanted in ''Spamalot''
Capable of being dissolved
Growth on an unshaved chin
''Eat fresh'' fast food chain
Hasbro board game with Pop-o-matic dice

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