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Can you name the words that contain 'UGH'? Answers are listed alphabetically.

Updated Sep 13, 2014

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ClueUGH Word
In spite of the fact; notwithstanding
Incorporated municipality; administrative division of NYC
Seized or captured; contracted
Product of radioactive decay; a female child
Distracted; deeply agitated
Adequate or sufficient quantity
Engaged in battle or combat
Vacation or leave of absence, granted to an enlisted person
ClueUGH Word
To express pleasure, mirth, or nervousness
Mischievous or disobedient, like some of Santa's children
Agricultural implement used to cut or turn over earth
Having a coarse or uneven surface
To kill or butcher, for food; to defeat severely
Imparted knowledge of; gave instruction in
The product of mental activity
To harden; to increase the strength of

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