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Clue4-Letter Rung
♪ Just a small ___ girl living in a lonely world. ♪
Animated TV show (abbr.)
♪ She ___ the midnight train going anywhere. ♪
Bible segment
Hit one's head
Slope bordering a river
Dog's noise
Where hay is stored
♪ Just a city boy, ___ and raised in south Detroit. He took the midnight train going anywhere. ♪
They come in ears.
Quarter or one pound, e.g.
Lower abdominal region, perhaps covered in cloth
To lend
A chestnut-colored horse
Wander about
♪ A singer in a smoky ___. ♪
Impending death or ill fate
College housing, for short
'Silk' or 'inch' animal
Sported, as clothes
Conductive cable
Clue4-Letter Rung
♪ The smell of ___ and cheap perfume. ♪
Takes the championship
Chest covers while eating
Barker and Marley, e.g.
Large quantities
♪ For a smile they can share the night. It ___ on and on and on and on. ♪
Particular digits
Makes the score equal
Metal food containers
Fish propellors
♪ Strangers waiting. Up and down the boulevard. Their shadows searching in the night. Streetlights people. Living just to ___ emotion. Hiding somewhere in the night. ♪
Horse measurement unit
♪ Working ___ to get my fill. Everybody wants a thrill. ♪
The tortoise's rival
Female horse
Spiked weapon on a chain
Three blind ___
♪ Paying anything to roll the ___... ♪
Ten cent piece
Clue4-Letter Rung
♪ ...just one more ___. ♪
Car wheel
Old Italian currencies
Traditional myth or belief
♪ Some will win, some will ___. ♪
Rubber tube in the garden
Korea's Demilitarized ___
Self-published circulation
Vitality or zest
♪ Some were born to ___ the blues. ♪
Vocal music
Male children
Charged particles
Small hotels or taverns
Austrian tributary of the Danube River
♪ Oh, the movie never ___. It goes on and on and on and on. ♪
No ifs, ___, or buts about it
Jar covers
___ and lasses
Clue4-Letter Rung
Judge's rules
Mowed, grassy area
♪ Strangers waiting. Up and ___ the boulevard. Their shadows searching in the night. Streetlights people. Living just to find emotion. Hiding somewhere in the night. ♪
Bride's wedding attire
Barbarian or thug
In the near future
Chimney residue
A type of casino machine
Unappetizing food
♪ Don't ___ believing. ♪
Staircase unit
Ooze or leak
Cry a little bit
Unwanted plant
Fuse metal
Clinged or grasped onto
♪ ___ on to that feeling. Streetlight people. ♪

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