Word Ladder: 6-Figure Shopping Spree

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Can you name the rungs in this shopping-themed word ladder?

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Clue6-Letter Word
$$ How something for sale is valued or marked $$
Hauled up and secured
Followed the outline of an object
Remnants or scraps
Kelly, Coolidge, and Park
Feeds on grass
Glossy surfaces that cover doughnuts
Burns brightly
A sports jacket
A person who accuses or holds others responsible
A person who posts vitriolic criticism
A railfan, railway buff, or trainspotter
Past or ancient
Created, shaped
Crossed a river by wading
Withdrew cards from play
File organizer, perhaps manila
Clue6-Letter Word
Absence makes the heart grow this way
_____ bender, a minor accident
Painfully sensitive
Less relaxed
Movie preview
Mocks, in fun of
Pursues, perhaps at high speed
Lucky _____, cereal
Navigation maps
Repetitious, monotonous songs or intonations of speech
Actress Sok
Risky, haphazard, or random
Monopoly card
$$ Loose coins left over after making a purchase $$
$$ How one may defer payment $$

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