Word Ladder: Get Dressed

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Can you name the rungs in this fashionable, clothing-themed word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter Rung
** Bottoms **
Jelly and green, e.g.
Hits or strikes
** They hold up one's bottoms **
Attacks with missiles
Apartments on the top floor, for short
** Bottoms **
Birthday, e.g.
Peppermint _____, Charlie Brown's friend
Silly _____
Strokes, in golf
** They may be seen if bottoms are not worn **
Sculptures of heads and shoulders
Vehicles that transport children to school
What batters run
Clue5-Letter Rung
Lies in sunshine
Reverses, with up
Potato bags
** Foot coverings **
Linear chess pieces
Literary works
** Foot coverings **
Chimney residues
Theatrical performances
Has modeled
Has removed the fleece from a sheep
Small length
** A generic top **
** Alternative bottom, for females **

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