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Can you determine whether the item in Column (A) or Column (B) has the higher associated value for each pair of science clues?

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Column A (Type A if Higher)A or B?Column B (Type B if Higher)
Minerals on Mohs Scale of HardnessMajor rock types in the rock cycle
3-Letter body parts, based on Sporcle standardsSystems of the human body
Quark flavorsBasic methods of heat transfer
Amino acidsNaturally-occurring elements of the Periodic Table
Boiling point of water, on the Celsius scaleFreezing point of water, on the Fahrenheit scale
Bones in the adult human bodyVolcanoes that compose the ''Ring of Fire''
Planets of the solar system without a moonLayers of the atmosphere (NOAA)
Major (primary and secondary) tectonic plates on earthKarats in pure gold
Mathematical value of π (pi)Mathematical value of e
Constellations (International Astronomical Union)Signs of the zodiac
Hearts in an octopusHearts in a giraffe
Pairs of human chromosomesMost basic (alkaline) reading on the pH scale
Poles on a magnetSides of a triangular pyramid
Degrees in a semicircleGross dozen
Speed of light (meters/second)Speed of sound (meters/second)
Earth's highest elevation (above sea level, in meters)Earth's lowest depth (below sea level, in meters)
Number of species of beetle in the worldNumber of species of bird in the world
Faces of a cubeBase of the hexadecimal system
Lobes of the cortex of the human brainBasic tastes of the human mouth
Atoms in a molecule of waterElements that are liquid at standard room temperature
Highest classification of earthquake magnitude on the Richter scaleHighest classification of hurricane wind speed on the Saffir-Simpson scale

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