Tough Choices: Religion Edition

Random Religion or mythology Quiz

Can you determine whether the item in Column (A) or Column (B) has the higher associated value for each pair of religion clues?

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Column A (Type A if Higher)A or B?Column B (Type B if Higher)
Books of the New TestamentBooks of the Old Testament
Days of fasting for Yom KippurDays of fasting for Ramadan
Sons of Jacob, named in the BibleSons of Abraham, named in the Bible
Moses' CommandmentsDeadly sins
Years walked through the desert after escaping EgyptPlagues of Egypt
Popes named ''Pius''Popes named ''Francis''
Gods worshipped in BuddhismGods worshipped in Judaism
Age of a person at bar mitzvahAge of a person at quinceañera
Number of days for God to create the EarthGifts brought by the Biblical Magi (Wise Men)
Times ''God'' appears in the Bible (King James version)Times ''Jesus'' appears in the Bible (King James version)
Days of rain experienced by Noah's ArkNumber of animals per species on Noah's Ark
Ribs to create AdamRibs to create Eve
Sides of a dreidelDays of Hanukkah
Greek gods/goddesses that ruled from Mount OlympusProngs on Poseidon's trident
Goals of human existence in Purushartha (Hinduism)Pillars of Islam
People present at the Last SupperApostles of Jesus Christ, from the Synoptic Gospels
Gorgon SistersWings of Icarus
Main schools of Zen BuddhismRefuges (Jewels) in Buddhism
Years King David ruled JerusalemYears King Solomon ruled Israel
Shinto shrines of JapanWorlds connected by the Yggdrasil (Norse cosmology)
Countries with a Christian majority
(50% or more of population)
Countries with an Islam majority
(50% or more of population)

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