Word Ladder: She Blinded Me with Science

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Clue5-Letter Rung
►CHEMISTRY: High entropy; a lack of organization◄
Cowboy attire
►COMPUTER SCIENCE: Electronic integrated circuits◄
►PHYSICS: Overcomes friction◄
Carelessly spills
►MATHEMATICS: ''m'' from y=mx+b◄
Range or extent
Tearoom biscuit
►EARTH SCIENCE: General quarry material◄
Took a five-finger discount
No longer fresh
►EARTH SCIENCE: Oil-bearing rock◄
Window covering
►ECOLOGY: Herring cousins◄
►ECOLOGY: Loses fur◄
►BOTANY: Apple core features◄
Clue5-Letter Rung
►ECOLOGY: Preys upon, with on◄
Provides for oneself
Money paid for punishable crimes
►ENGINEERING: Protective metal sleeve of a vessel◄
Person in solitude
A person who takes second place, possibly
►PHYSICS: Device that emits a beam of light◄
Occurring after the usual or expected time
►ECOLOGY: Consumer◄
►CHEMISTRY: Functional group in organic chemistry◄
►BOTANY: September-blooming flower◄
►BOTANY: Genus of birch trees◄
More advanced in years
►CHEMISTRY: Low entropy; organization◄

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