Add a Letter II

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Can you name the pairs of words by adding one letter to the first word to get the second word?

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First Word ClueWordsSecond Word Clue
A French soft cheeseA woman to be wed
A song for twoA comforter
Strong affectionA garlic bulb's subcomponent
A nocturnal insectA calendar division
The lower part or baseA human-like machine
To guardAdjective to describe some operations
A spell; profanityA river's path
The capability of doing something'Puff' pad
To cut off from the whole, especially one's tiesHarsh or extreme
Unfriendly or rudelyUndoubtedly
Flat-topped furnitureA thin, flat piece of technology
Large division of most US statesKyrgyzstan, for one
Fear _____Cheesecake _____
PermitsHarry Potter and the Deathly _____
One who samples appetizersA bread cooker

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