Arrow Labyrinth Tutorial

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Can you pick the set of arrows that will get you from start (S) to finish (F) without getting caught in a dead end loop (*See instructions)?

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How to Play
*Begin by clicking the "S↓" button. From there, continue clicking the blank buttons down that column until you reach another arrow and click on it. Once you click on that arrow, move in the direction indicated, either in that column or in that row. Again, continue moving straight through the blank squares in that row or column until you click on another arrow, then move in the new direction shown. If you encounter a double-headed arrow, choose one of the directions shown and continue that way as you would with any other arrow. You path may intersect previously-selected squares. In that case, follow the blanks squares and arrow squares as if they were not previously selected (i.e. do not skip over them; use them as part of your path). WARNING: There are dead end traps, and if you end up in one, retrace your steps because you took a wrong turn somewhere along the path. You will NOT be alerted if you have strayed off-course until the end of the quiz, so beware!
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