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He’s won trophies for his___ ____ alone
His Blood Smells like _______
His ______ alone has experienced more than a lesser mans body.
_____ often question him, just because they find him interesting.
He once had an ____ _____ ,just to see how it feels.
“He once visited a Psychic… ___ ___ ___.”
He once ran a marathon _____ , just to see what second place looked like.
He has won the lifetime achievement award... _____.
QuoteAnswer to finished quotenone
He once travelled to and explored the Virgin Islands, when he left they were just '_____ _____.'
He has found _____ several times, but has released him because he enjoys the hunt.
He once brought ___ ____ to a gunfight, just to even the odds.
'He is the only one who knows what _____ is talking about.'
'He can kill _____ _____ with one bird.'
______ _____ sits on HIS lap
He can order breakfast any time of day at ________.
He knows ______ Secret.

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