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Mary Embrey, Stella Bridger, Candy Kendall
Mathilda, Ann Boleyn, Padme
Lincoln Rhyme, John Creasy, Malcolm X
Helen Prejean, Jackie Harrison, Louise
Sloan, Red, God
Parcher, Richard Brown, Virgil Brigman
Wayne Campbell, The Cat, Dr.Evil
Joanna Kramer, Susan Orlean, Clarissa Vaughan
Viktor Navorski, Allen Bauer, Jim Lovell
Grace Stewart, Satine, Chase Meridian
Anna Scott, Tinkerbell, Tess Ocean
Daniel Hillard, John Keating, Alan Parrish
Pita Ramos, Fern, Lucy Diamond Dawson
Brandon Teena, Maggie Fitzgerald, Madeleine Linscott
Buddy, Mugatu, Ron Burgundy
Bruce Wayne, Philip, Chris Shiherlis
David Gale, Lester Burnham, Rufus Buckley
Lisa Rowe, Mariane Pearl, Kate Libby
Dylan Sanders, Edith Beale, Gertie
Fletcher Reede, Lloyd Christmas, Stanley Ipkiss

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