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QuoteMissing WordsCharacter/Number of Words
Garth, ____ is punishment for shoplifting in some countriesWayne - 1
Hey Phil, if you're gonna ___, ____ into this. Garth - 1
No ______, denied! Wayne - 1
That bass player's a babe. She makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to ___ ___ ___ in gym classGarth - 3
Ah, Nuprin. Little. Yellow. _____Wayne - 1
Exsqueeze me? a _____ _____?Wayne - 2
A ___ ___, a ___ ___. I don't even own *a* ___, let alone many ___ that would necessitate an entire ___. What am I gonna do with a ____ ___?Wayne - 2
Excuse me, Russel, but I believe I requested the ___ ____Wayne - 2
QuoteMissing WordsCharacter/Number of Words
Wow. That is old. You know, I bet those guys actually have _______ by nowWayne - 1
Cassandra is not interested in Benjamin because... A: Chicks think he's handsome, B: has cool car, C: ___________ D: has no visible scars, E: does not live with parentsGarth - 4
We'll just take these home, run them over with a fine tooth comb, cross the 't's and dot the...____ ____ 'j's. Wayne - 2
I learned it from ______ ______ when I toured with the Stones. This may be the reason why ____ cannot be killed by conventional weapons.Del Preston - 2
Is that you and Bob Dylan!? Who's ___ ____ ____?Wayne - 3
Look Garth it's ______ ____ and she's signaling to us. There is a god! Wayne - 2
No, I'll just embarrass you. I'll just stay here and ____ ____ ___ ____. Wayne - 4

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