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Your lies are showing me follies of youth/ No one loves you like I do
I must have been so, so, I don't know/ Confused or scared to share me
Play by the rules/ And all you do is lose/ Just don't know where to go
I swore I'd find a place/ Good enough for you
When we get to the end/ Can you promise that you'll be around/ If I make you that promise now
I've got perfection in my craze/ To stay sleeping while they're awake/ Who needs connection anyway
I stared into the light/ Made more mistakes than I care to explain/ Or even want to let you know
You want to take me there again/ Come on come on come on come on/ We're running out of time
Can't love anybody/ Can't love anyone but you/ Can't love anybody/ I know someday you will want me too
I just want to walk away/ I want to write but there's a consequence/ That all my friends read everything I do and I say
It's the life, but I wouldn't recommend it
I'm falling over edges with you/ I'm longing just to see your face again
And you can just forget/ And I can live without regret
Everything I have would be enough for someone else, but I want more.
I know that I'm going where I'm not supposed to go/ I don't care what they say anymore
I don't think you've got the guts/ I don't think you've got it in you
That's right, I'm thoroughly/ Contemplating lines and scenes/ 'Cause in the end I'm here to entertain
Leave all your clothes buried in the sand/ Who knows when we'll be coming back again
No, I don't feel right in my skin/ So I don't feel anything at all
I'm still running backwards/ But I know that I can change my ways

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