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(Song Title) that sunshine follows thunder
I gotta show you man (Song Title)
If I may be so bold that I just say something
There we were, now here we are
I'm older than I wish to be
I need to be myself, I can't be noone else
(Song Title), she's in a family full of eccentrics
Hate the way that you've taken back everything you've given to me
Found what I lost inside, my spirit has been purified
Baby the time is right to tell it all how it is
I carry madness everywhere I go
Four seasons seconds flicker past I'm alone
I took a ride with my soul by the side of the road
I know you think you deserve an explanation of the meaning of life
It's a bit early in the midnight hour for me
Cold and frosty morning, there's not a lot to say
Paint no illusion, try to click with what you got
All your dreams are made, when you're chained to the mirror and the razorblade
What a life it would be if you could come to mine for tea
(Song Title), we're all the same
Who kicked a hole in the sky so the heavens could cry over me?
Gold and silver and sunshine is rising up
We the people fight for our existence
Hold up, hold on, don't be scared
Eyes over the city, rise up from your soul
Step off the plane all alone at dawn, back into the hole where I was born
What was that sound moving around your brain?
Say something, shout it from the rooftops of your head
I don't know what it is that makes me feel alive
Opening LyricsSong
Hold the line, a friend of mine
An extraordinary guy can never have an ordinary day
How many special people change, how many lives are living strange?
I get up when I'm down
Yeah I'm seeing a whole other world in my mind
Show me who you are, I'll show you what you love
I live my life in the city, and there's no easy way out
(Song Title) from the ones that have passed round town
I don't feel as if I know you, you take up all my time
They got nothing on me anymore
What tongueless ghost of sin crept through my curtain?
Here's another (Song Title)
I could be your lover, you could be all mine
Here's a song that reminds me of when we were young
I'd like to be somebody else and not know where I've been
You know that feeling you get?
When I was young I thought I had my own key
(Song Title) above is a storyteller sleeping alone
Yeah I feel like a (Song Title)
The summer sun, it blows my mind
I would like to leave this city
Maybe I don't really wanna know how your garden grows
(Song Title) is pure objective fantasy
Everybody knows, but noone's saying nothing
You gotta (song title) you gotta take your time
There's no need for you to say you're sorry
(Song Title), your mama said that you were real
Calling all the stars to fall
Slip inside the eye of your mind
Opening LyricsSong
I sold my soul for the second time
Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you
I can give a hundred million reasons
I know a girl who's lost and lonely
Get on the rollercoaster, the fair's in town today
(Song Title) what's the time, said today I'm gonna speak my mind
A little space, a little time, see what it can do
Take the time to make some sense of what you want to say
I can go where I wanna
(Song Title) and give it all you've got
One way out is all you're ever gonna get
Is it my imagination or have I finally found something worth living for?
When the sunshine beckons to you
I still don't know what I was waiting for
Sitting on my own, chewing on a bone
I wanna love you, I wanna be a (Song Title)
They're trying hard to put me in my place
Day's turning to night
Wash your face in the morning sun
Hey you (Song Title), learning to fly
(Song Title) I don't need a ride tonight
Talking to the (Song Title) yesterday
Here's a thought for every man who tries to understand what is in his hands
Head like a rock spinning round and round
We put this festival on you b*stards, with a lot of love
I'm all over my heart's desire
Made a meal and threw it up on sunday
I am he as you are he as you are me
Suddenly I found that I've lost my way in this city

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