Liverpool FC Premier League goalscorers

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Can you name the top 20 Liverpool FC Premier League goalscorers?

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Number of GoalsPlayer(s)First Premier League Goal
12816/10/1993 vs Oldham Athletic (H)
11806/05/1997 vs Wimbledon (A)
11105/12/1999 vs Sheffield Wednesday (H)
6902/02/2011 vs Stoke City (H)
6519/08/2007 vs Chelsea (H)
5120/09/2006 vs Newcastle United (H)
4518/10/1992 vs Manchester United (A)
4126/09/1992 vs Wimbledon (H)
3901/04/2000 vs Coventry City (A)
3113/01/2013 vs Manchester United (A)
Number of GoalsPlayer(s)First Premier League Goal
2905/09/1992 vs Chelsea (H)
2815/09/1996 vs Leicester City (H)
2619/08/1995 vs Sheffield Wednesday (H)
2506/11/1999 vs Derby County (H)
2209/01/1993 vs Aston Villa (H)
2211/09/1999 vs Manchester United (H)
2203/12/2006 vs Wigan Athletic (H)
2115/09/2001 vs Everton (A)
1914/09/2002 vs Bolton Wanderers (A)
1829/09/2007 vs Wigan Athletic (A) and 11/09/2004 vs West Bromwich Albion (H)

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