Bond Gadgets!

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Can you name the James Bond film given one of his gadgets?

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Rolex with electromagnet and band saw
Briefcase with AR-7, knife and teargas
Amphibious gondola
Lotus Esprit submarine car
'Dentonite' plastic explosive toothpaste
Subcutaneous monitoring microchip
3D Identigraph
Moon buggy
Mechanical alligator
Wetsuit with duck on head
Surfboard with C4, computer and knife
Sony Ericsson C902 with IDing imager
Bell Textron jetpack
Safe cracker with portable photocopier
Keychain with stun gas and explosive
Ring camera
Class 4 ballpoint pen grenade
X-ray glasses
Ericsson with BMW 750iL remote control
Imitation nipple
'Little Nellie' autogyro
Geiger counter

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