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Can you name the largest of each type of thing (by size)?

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Passenger Plane853 seats
Indian Reservation67,339 km2
Primate225 kg
Waterfall12,800 m3/s
Historical Empire3.37 x 107 km2
Power Plant2,335 m
Mosque900,000 people
Asteroid In Our Solar System4.49 x 108 km3
Diamond3,106.75 CD
Tree1489 m3
Satellite of Earth2.20 × 10^10 km3
Lake371,000 km2
City Square440,000 m2
Rodent80 kg
Continent44,579,000 km2
Volcano On Earth75,000 km3
Reptile1,360 kg
Invertebrate494 kg
American State1,717,854 km2
Human Joint11 cm
Land Animal6,800 kg
Bird of Prey14 kg
Marsupial100 kg
Moon In Our Solar System7.6 ×1010 km^3
Airport1,500,000 m2
Temple820,000 m2
Island2,166,086 km2
Australian State2,645,615 km2
Human Organ2 m2
Snake250 kg
Bird156 kg
Church60,000 people
Planet In Our Solar System1.43×1015 km3
Office Building604,000 m2
Fish22 T
Desert On Earth1.4 x 107 km2
Country17,075,400 km2
Canadian Province1,542,056 km2
Building1.33 x 107 m3
Ocean1.69 x 108 km2
Lizard166 kg
Animal190 T
Human Bone48 cm

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