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Can you name the largest of each type of thing (by size)?

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Ocean1.69 x 108 km2
Office Building604,000 m2
Diamond3,106.75 CD
Temple820,000 m2
Animal190 T
Church60,000 people
Tree1489 m3
Marsupial100 kg
Desert On Earth1.4 x 107 km2
Island2,166,086 km2
Asteroid In Our Solar System4.49 x 108 km3
Airport1,500,000 m2
Power Plant2,335 m
Reptile1,360 kg
Lizard166 kg
Passenger Plane853 seats
Human Organ2 m2
Indian Reservation67,339 km2
Invertebrate494 kg
American State1,717,854 km2
Fish22 T
Human Bone48 cm
Satellite of Earth2.20 × 10^10 km3
Mosque900,000 people
Land Animal6,800 kg
City Square440,000 m2
Primate225 kg
Continent44,579,000 km2
Country17,075,400 km2
Planet In Our Solar System1.43×1015 km3
Lake371,000 km2
Waterfall12,800 m3/s
Volcano On Earth75,000 km3
Snake250 kg
Moon In Our Solar System7.6 ×1010 km^3
Australian State2,645,615 km2
Bird156 kg
Building1.33 x 107 m3
Rodent80 kg
Human Joint11 cm
Canadian Province1,542,056 km2
Bird of Prey14 kg
Historical Empire3.37 x 107 km2

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