Type of Cranial Nerves

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Name of Cranial NerveSensory, Motor, or BothFunction of the nerve
Olfactory (I)Sense of smell
Optic (II)Vision
Oculomotor (III)Eye movements, regulate size of pupil, accomodation for near vision, proprioception
Trochlear (IV)Eye movements, proprioception
Trigeminal (V)Sensation of head and face, chewing movements, proprioception
Abducens (VI)Abduction of eye, proprioception
Facial (VII)Facial expressions, secretion of saliva and tears, sense of taste
Acousitc/Vestibulocochlear (VIII)Balance and equilibrium, hearing
Glossopharyngeal (IX)Sensation of tongue, swallowing, secretion of saliva, helps with respiration
Vagus (X)Sensations of organs, slows down heart rate and helps with voice production
Spinal Accessory (XI)Shoulder movements, head turning movements, movement of viscera, and voice production
Hypoglossal (XII)tongue movements

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