TF2 Scout Achievements

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Can you name the Scout achievements in Team Fortress 2?

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Get 2004 lifetime kills
Dodge 1000 damage in a single life using Bonk!
Perform 1000 double jumps
Kill a medic ready to deploy an Ubercharge
Stun a scout with their own ball
Kill an opposing player holding your intelligence, while holding theirs
Block 50 point captures
Stun 50 enemies who are capturing a point or pushing the cart
Kill 50 enemies from behind with the Force-A-Nature
Destroy 3 teleporter entrances
Kill 3 enemies while Ubercharged
Kill an enemy heavy and take his Sandvich
Cause an environmental death using the Force-A-Nature's knockback
Get the first kill in an Arena match
Kill 5 enemies with the First Blood crit buff
Cause an environmental death by stunning an enemy
Destroy an active sentry gun with your pistol
Destroy 3 enemy buildings while they are under construction
Survive 500 damage in one life
Stun an enemy for the maximum duration by hitting them with a long-range ball
Steal and capture the enemy intelligence without firing a shot
Bat an enemy 25 meters
Kill 20 players while double-jumping
Kill a player in Well before the round starts
Run 25 kilometers
Kill a scout who's stuck in the post-Bonk slowdown effect
Capture the enemy intelligence 25 times
Initiate 10 successful point captures
Capture the last point in a CP map
Start capturing a control point within a second of it becoming available
Kill 50 enemies while they are stunned
Stun 25 Ubercharged enemies
Kill an enemy on the ground, in the air, and in the water in a single life
Capture 3 control points in a row in one life
Capture the intelligence 3 times in a single life

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